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Lisa Appleton burst onto our screens when she joined Big Brother in 2008 and since then she has become renowned for her hilarious love of sausages and sassy attitude. Labelled as one of the most iconic women of Big Brother, her rise to the top has been dazzling as her fall from grace.


Miami Fox Publishing is an independent publishing house based in the UK with talented authors from around the world.


Having published books from numerous genres and with award-winning titles, bestselling authors, Miami Fox Publishing has established itself as one of the leading publishers for both new and previously published authors.

Successfully publishing magazines and books since 2005



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Miami Fox Publishing consider submissions from a wide range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction; from memoirs and biographies to science fiction, horror and fantasy. Whether it’s controversial or explicit, childish or colourful, our editorial team will undertake a comprehensive review.

What to send

All you need to do is send across the full manuscript of your work with a covering email and synopsis. Your synopsis should be no longer than one page of A4.


If you haven’t yet finished the work but would like to know before completing if it would be something we are interested in  then you are also welcome to send samples of the manuscript to us.


Please submit a digital copy of your work, preferably as one single document in Microsoft Word or PDF format.


We are only able to consider one submission at a time during the editorial process.

Tips and advice

- There is no need to double-space your work.


- Always use a font that is legible and easy to read. Garamond or Times New Roman are preferred, whereas fonts such as Comic Sans and Broadway are not encouraged.


- At Miami Fox Publishing we pride ourselves on our responsive nature. We confirm the receipt of all submissions and inform you of our decision regarding them. Response times can vary and can take up to 6 weeks, so please remain patient during the review process.


- Include the total number of words in your manuscript as well as a brief resumé about the author.

NOTE: We do not accept proposals sent by post, only by email.

Work with us

At Miami Fox Publishing our team is focused and driven to be the best at retail, working closely with our expansive range of clients to implement profitable business plans and initiatives utilising our trusted retail relationships.  The key to this success is founded upon the time dedicated to ensuring that the team is educated in our author’s portfolio of work, through a comprehensive framework of internal and external contact points, in order to help develop the action plans that will deliver success at retail.


We work closely with the author and local distributors overseas to develop and execute the best marketing strategy for our titles both domestically and overseas.  This could be maximising exposure in key markets to drive advertising, working out how to get the best return on a small promotional budget or how to fine-tune your print volumes for maximum profit.


Our planners utilise industry leading commercial models to ensure that supply levels are optimised in line with the author's strategies, which could be to drive profitability or revenue.


We target supplies down to store level to maximise performance and ensure that author and retailer needs are balanced. The allocations we create are reviewed under an “expert to expert” process that ensures the highest levels of compliance and data accuracy.

We constantly strive to develop and deliver a unique service that guarantees excellence, and we take a ‘Blue Sky’ approach to innovation, working closely with our author to deliver projects that drive down cost, improve efficiency and maximize sales.


The book industry requires an ever-evolving publisher and we pride ourselves on leading the competition and providing a sustainable and efficient solution for the future.

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